The Aim of The Symposium

Traditional foods are foods formed with the effect of geography, climate, facility of agricultural production and more importantly the effect of traditıonal life style, so are still produced for centuries. Each of those foods is unique, formed with experience of years, without any technology moreover they are produced by the help of using basics of present preservation methods in an artistic way. The region from Adriatic to Caucasus named the symposium is, one of the geographic regions where has the most abundant variety of traditional foods kept original in the world.

The aim of the symposium is:    

  • To evaluate production process and to indicate the importance of the traditional food products which are produced in countries from Adriatic to Caucasus and locally important,
  • To improve the international familiarness of the products which are known just locally,
  • To prepare a reference book where the presentations performed in the symposium will be published,
  • To develop further academic and cultural agreements among universities from Adriatic to Caucasus.