International University of Sarajevo (IUS) was established in the year of 2003, and is one of the largest educational projects in the Balkan region.Founded by the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo, IUS was inaugurated in the academic year of 2004-2005. It is located in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The university comprises the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Business and Administration and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. IUS is open to students from all over the world, and the language of instruction and communication is English. Students without English proficiency will attend a one-year intensive English Language Program.

During undergraduate and postgraduate studies, students are developing in a quality intellectual atmosphere and are able to choose one of the 14 programs of studies within the three faculties, containing programs in different areas ranging from industrial engineering and computer sciences through art and social sciences and up to business administration and humanities. We currently have more than 1600 students studying in the first and second cycle of studies. When founded, IUS had 14 employees and 68 students. The university currently employs 194 full time members of academic and administrative staff. The investment, and all the previous work and effort invested in the idea of IUS, were realized through an open, spacious and meaningful campus, construction of facilities and contemporary university buildings, two comfortable student dormitories, a modern research center, library as well as continues development of IUS capacities, including job opportunities and development of B&H society.

IUS aims at becoming the major hub in Balkans for bridging the East to the West as a leading international institution of higher education and research centre with comprehensive excellence whose students are lifelong learners, interculturally competent and well-developed leaders in socio-economic development of societies.

Being situated in a city unique for the special character of its heritage, city of peace and understanding where Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish traditions have coexisted for centuries despite persistent attempts to destroy this harmony - this university provides exceptional conditions for developing research and educating students in the fields of history of arts and sciences. It will allow Bosnia, as the meeting place of different civilisations, to help enlarge the knowledge and the values of our global heritage.