Namık Kemal University was founded in Tekirdağ / TURKEY according to 2809 numbered and March 28, 1983 dated Higher Education Institutional Law / 5467 numbered  and March 3, 2006 dated Act-Additional 1st and 62nd Article.

According to the related Act, the units of the University are as follows:  

a)  From recently founded Arts & Sciences Faculty and Faculty of Medicine which are affiliated with the Rectorate and Faculty of Agriculture and Corlu Faculty of Engineering which were both re-named and re-affiliated when they used to be affiliated with Trakya University Rectorate,

b)  From the Health High School which was re-named and re-affiliated and affiliated with the Rectorate when it used to be affiliated with Trakya University Rectorate. 

c)  From the Vocational High School, Corlu Vocational High School, Cerkezkoy Vocational High School, Hayrabolu Vocational High School, Malkara Vocational High School, Marmara Ereglisi Vocational High School, Muratli Vocational High School, Saray Vocational High School and Sarkoy Vocational High School which were all re-named and re-affiliated when they used to be affiliated with Trakya University Rectorate, 

  d)   From the Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Science and Engineering and Institute of Health Sciences which have been recently founded and affiliated with the Rectorate.  

 Namık Kemal University  performed the early practices of its structuring period within Trakya University Rectorate ,  and then within Namık Kemal University Training Hotel. The Rectorate served in the old municipalty building in the center of Tekirdağ in November-2007 and since January-2008, it has been serving in Faculty of Agriculture Deanship Building in Degirmenalti Campus.